STACT selected best wine rack design in the UK

STACT tops the list of best modern wine rack designs in the UK.  Here's what UK's leading wine accessories e-tailer had to say about STACT: "Make your wine collection an expression of art and true beauty. A remarkable feature in any lounge, kitchen or living space and will stylishly show off your wine bottle collection."
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2012 a year in review: Top 5 greatest moments.

To say 2012 was amazing, perhaps you could say that's an understatement. 

Launched as a top 5 most successful Kickstarter design product, ranked by Huff Post's Stylist as the #1 design product.

Graced the pages of the the world's top design, fashion, and lifestyle blogs.

Travelled around the globe to some amazing places.

Shaked hands with some incredible people that I had never even dreamt of meeting. 

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The wine rack that's on everyone's wish list.

Top bloggers from California to Italy are adding STACT to their list of 'must have' gifts for the wine lover on your list.

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Stella Artois digs STACT!

Who says wine racks are just for wine?

Stella Artois asks:

  "What would you fill up your STACT system with?"



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Still just as sexy. Now just more mountable.

Hey folks,

As mentioned, several weeks ago we made a number of improvements to our original patent-pending STACT wine rack design. Now that we've filed for patent protection, we can't wait to hear what you think!

When it comes to coupling, the new STACT design is ready for action.  We've created a new 'coupler' and refined our wall brackets. Now you can connect your STACT panels together!

Keep it together with 'The Coupler'

Check here for more updates on sample photos from the factory, and our super-sexy packaging design!

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