How do you install the STACT system?

STACT is a cinch to assemble and easy to mount right out of the box whether a single kit or as many as needed based on the application. The small number of components allows for easy assembly and installation in just a few simple steps, with measuring kept to a minimum (view the installation manuals here).


What tools to I need to install STACT?

All the necessary mounting hardware is included in the box, the only tools required are a power drill, 3/8" drill bit, Philips screwdriver, and a level.


Do I need to mount STACT to studs? Or can these be placed anywhere?

STACT is designed for easy and flexible installation. So there's no need to mount to studs! With the included hardware, STACT mounts securely to any dry-wall surface right out of the box in just a few simple steps. If you wish you can also mount to any solid flat surface, with a set of heavy duty masonry wall anchors found at any hardware store.


How do I incorporate LED backlighting?

Adding back lighting is very simple to do and cost effective. Simply mount the STACT panels directly onto a plywood board, off-set from the wall by either 2” or 1” boards (attached to the studs) and run LED strip / rope lighting behind the perimeter.  Be sure to have the wiring put in for the lighting prior to installing the set up. Click here for more information / installation tips.


What are the dimensions of each STACT panel?

All STACT panels are identical width and height, measuring precisely 14.28" (362.5mm) wide x 11.34" (288mm) high when assembled on the wall (including the wall brackets).


How many bottles can each STACT panel hold?

Individual C-type (cork-out) panels each hold 9 standard sized wine bottles (including Champagne). However, combining modules side-by-side will add additional bottle capacity – arranged in this way each panel supports up to 12 bottles. L-type (label-out) panels each support 4 standard sized wine bottles (including Champagne), or 2 magnum bottles.


Does STACT work with all types of wine bottles? And how about liquor bottles?

You bet! Unlike many common wine racks, STACT has been designed and tested to accommodate virtually every standard format wine bottle commercially available, including Pinot, Bordeaux/Cabernet, Burgundy, Riesling, and yes even Champagne. In fact, since practically all cylindrical 750ml bottle may be supported, STACT is the ideal home for port, large-format beers, and even many popular spirits!

If you are looking to store your prized Magnum bottles, you'll be pleased to know that unlike conventional wine racks, STACT L-type panels support both standard and magnum bottles in one compact design.


Is STACT suitable for wine cellars?

STACT is frequently used, and well suited to the conditions within climate controlled cellars for long term wine storage (12-15 degrees Celsius, and 50-65% RH)


Wine is obviously heavy, is my wall going to collapse?

STACT has been engineered and tested to securely support 2-3X the weight fully stocked with wine, when properly installed onto any standard drywall surface.


Are there any limitations on how STACT can be installed?

STACT is infinitely versatile. Mount it any way you wish - connected together or separately, spaced apart you like. It can grow as your wine collection expands. Tired of staring at the same wall? Simply interchange the panels and create a whole new look!


Can STACT be mounted to concrete or brick walls?

STACT can be mounted directly to any hard flat surface with properly rated concrete fasteners / masonry wall anchors (instead of the included drywall anchors) which are available at most hardware stores. Alternatively for uneven surfaces we recommend installing via a plywood backer board. In that case simply cut the backer board ~ 1/2” short from each edge of the total footprint of your STACT wine wall (to help conceal the backer board from view), which will allow sufficient area on the board to fasten the wall brackets to the board (each panel including the wall brackets measures 14.28” wide by 11.34” high). When mounting to a backer board wall anchors are not required, instead simply secure the board board securely to studs, and fasten the STACT wall brackets to the backer board with wood screws.


What is STACT made of?

STACT is crafted from precision machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, and offered with your choice of either premium furniture-grade wood veneer/ lacquered MDF panels, or precision machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum panels. A complete up to date list of finish options may be viewed here.


Is STACT ideal for restaurants and bars?

Unlike boring, ahem.. traditional wine racks, STACT's sleek and sturdy aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame is built for high-capacity wine storage within commercial interior design applications. Elegant, functional, and modern, the space-saving modular wine storage panels will add instant 'wow-factor' your wine lounge, bar, or fine restaurant. Click here for some inspiration.


What is the difference between STACT Pro & STACT Premier?

STACT Pro offers unprecedented performance and versatility. Comprised of precision machined aircraft grade anodized aluminum it’s sleeker, slimmer, lighter, and designed to be as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. With 5 different panel options to use individually or mix and match STACT Pro is all about personalization - showcase your bottles, stemware, carafes, and personal artifacts in an elegant one-of-a-kind display with the option of expanding and adapting as your collection grows over time. Create a statement and make your mark on any room. Available in 5 finish options: Silver, Space Gray, BlackOut, Bronze, Gold and WhiteOut.

STACT Premier combines the warmth and richness of fine hand crafted furniture, with the refinement and durability of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. Use a single kit or mix & match panels to create a one-of-a-kind wine display. Available in cork-out and label-out formats, with over 20 premium finish option to choose from.


Can STACT Pro & STACT Premier panels be used together?

Yes, it is possible to combine both series.  To do so, simply take note that since the STACT Premier wall brackets are approx 3/8" deeper, if you intend to mount both types within the same column, and if STACT Pro panels will be mounted below any STACT Premier panels, then you must first mount the STACT Pro panels prior to mounting any STACT Premier wall brackets above.


How much weight can each STACT Pro Shelf support?

For enhanced stability each shelf is secured with 4 industrial grade fasteners, and when arranging multiple shelves in series they are designed to connect together with the included connectors. As each shelf is designed and tested to support 4 standard wine bottles or 3 magnum bottles, you can safely assume a capacity of 20 lbs.


How many colors are available?

STACT Premier is available in over 20 premium finishes. Click here for more details..

STACT Pro is available in 6 finish options. Click here for more details.


Where can I purchase STACT locally?

STACT is exclusively available online at www.getSTACT.com. We use a direct distribution model, whereby instead of inflating our pricing to support high retail profit margins we offer an already competitive retail price which allows us to sell at level of volume where we are able to cut out intermediaries (and retail) altogether.


What is the currency of the prices noted?

As noted at checkout, all prices are based on USD.


Does STACT ship globally?

Yes, we ship to most parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Europe, middle East and Asia. Currently we are offering free shipping within USA, and Canada (along with competitive shipping rates worldwide where applicable, via UPS as calculated at checkout).


Why can't some items be added to my shopping cart?

Items may be automatically removed from the cart when they are not available for purchase which can be for various reasons (i.e. when items are on backorder/limited availabilty/sold out/discontinued.


When will my order ship?

In-stock items typically dispatch within 2-3 business days, however in some instances it may take up to 1-2 weeks for an order to ship. If timing is critical, we suggest reaching out prior to placing an order so we can advise on the current lead-times will depend on products and are subject to change.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery within USA/CAN typically takes between 3-7 business days via UPS Standard. For international orders please allow approx 1-2 weeks via UPS Expedited.

Please note that due to Covid 19, at this time carriers are no longer guaranteeing scheduled delivery times so it is recommended to allow the possibility for delays from time to time.


Who is the designer behind STACT?

Designed in California, STACT is the latest (and dare it be said, greatest) creation of 2012 ICFF award-winning designer, Eric Pfeiffer. Guided by a design philosophy of simplicity, usability, and sustainability, he redefines the way we enjoy everyday things, creating products that people love and want to keep forever.


Is STACT patented?

Yes. In fact STACT Wine Displays Inc. is the leading innovator within the industry, holding the largest and most robust intellectual property portfolio of any wine storage product design/manufacturer in the world.

Patent info: USA (Pat. No. 9,149,115, 9,565,933, 9,949,563, 10,004,330, 10,441,075, 10,835,037, 11,382,424, D739,190, D708,494, D821,831, D834,900, D848,802, D878,828, D891,202, D923,987, D994,404); Canada (Pat. No. 151486, 168000, 175757, 179916, 186093, 186094); EU (Pat. No. 2674068, 004085371.0001, 004085371.0002, 004085371.0003, 003417682.0001, 003417682.0002, 003417682.0003, 004741924-0001, 004741924-0002, 004741924-0003, 004741924-0004, 004741924-0005, 004741924-0006); United Kingdom (Pat. No. 2674068); Germany (Pat. No. 60 2013 074 715.6); China (Pat. No. 201730286234.1, 201830186931.4, 201830186584.5, 201830629780.5, 201830629784.3); Worldwide patents pending.