Stella Artois digs STACT!

Who says wine racks are just for wine? A bottle as elegant and tasteful as Stella Artois should be honored and appreciated. Searching all corners of the globe to find a rack that would measure up, the folks at Stella have declared STACT to be the ultimate way to showcase your bottle collection.

Our friends at Stella Artois want to hear from YOU! Which wines, beers, spirits do you plan on filling up your STACT system with?? Let 'em know here.

wine rack for stella artois beer bottle collection 

Stella Artois: "Need a tasteful way to organize your favorite bottles?
Hard pressed to find a stylish rack for your beloved bottles? We understand completely, and so do the men at STACT. So they created a wonderfully elegant and simple way to display your favorite drinks. Completely modular and customizable, the STACT system grows with your collection, compliments your space, and puts your bottles (not itself) in the limelight. Now to decide which color to buy…"  Read on >

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