Installation of STACT Wine Racks

STACT is the only commercial grade solution of its kind that is designed for easy DIY installation right out of the box. Each kit includes all the necessary hardware for mounting directly to drywall - so there's no need to mount to studs! All you will need is a power drill, 3/8" drill bit, Philips screwdriver, level, and a pencil. If you wish you can also mount to solid flat surfaces with a set of heavy duty masonry wall anchors found at any hardware store.


<Download STACT Premier C-type installation manual>

<Download STACT Premier L-type installation manual>

<Download STACT Pro C-type installation manual>

<Download STACT Pro L-type installation manual>

<Download STACT Pro Shelf installation manual>

<Download STACT Pro Stemware Rack installation manual>

<Download STACT Pro Expansion Panel installation manual>


If combining STACT Premier with STACT Pro panels, simply take note that since the STACT Premier wall brackets are approx 3/8" deeper, if you intend to mount both types within the same column, and if STACT Pro panels will be mounted below any STACT Premier panels, then you must first mount the STACT Pro panels prior to mounting any STACT Premier wall brackets above.


Per the installation instructions, always ensure to fasten the wall anchors 'semi-tight' so to allow for self-adjustment when the panels are inserted and slid into place. Also to eliminate the possibility for human error, we recommend marking, and mounting 1 column at time, before proceeding to the next.

When mounting to drywall simply use the included anchors. However for uneven or solid surfaces such as bricks we recommend mounting to a plywood backer board (as shown further below).


Alternate installation method.

STACT may also be mounted to boards, provided the boards on which they are mounted to are secured to studs. This provides a floating effect, thus allowing for easy integration of LED backlighting.


Installing a 92" STACT wine display in 60 minutes flat.

STACT wine racks are a cinch to install. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Installing LED backlighting.

Adding back lighting is very simple to do and cost effective. To create the look below simply mount the STACT panels directly onto a plywood board, off-set from the wall by either 2” or 1” boards (attached to the studs) and run LED strip / rope lighting behind the perimeter.  Be sure to have the wiring put in for the lighting prior to installing the set up.

Note: rope lighting was used below, however if you’re looking for the light to be perfectly linear with sharp edges at each corner it would be worth the few $’s extra to opt for LED strip lighting.  Philips Hue lights are a great option if you wish to adjust brightness and color of the lighting via smart phone.LED backlighting for wine cellar


Streamlined installation tips for professionals.

When mounting several columns you can streamline your installation cutting the time needed in about half. To do so instead of using the included template to mark the mounting holes, simply connect all the wall brackets together for each vertical column, using the supplied 'couplers', and then either:

Option A - as shown here use a laser level, to ensure the correct distance 11 1/2” (29.2cm) between each pair of wall brackets (the correct space can be measured by attaching the brackets to a panel, and measuring the distance from the inner edges of the brackets). In addition to saving a significant amount of time, installing in this way can help eliminate the possibility of any human error when marking each of the mounting points with the included installation templates.


Option B - cut a board to measure 11 1/2” (29.2cm), to use a spacer ensuring the correct distance between each pair of wall brackets (the space can be measured by attaching the brackets to a panel, and measuring the distance from the inner edges of the brackets) while mounting them to the panel installation


Mounting to brick or concrete walls.

STACT can be mounted directly to any hard flat surface with properly rated concrete fasteners / masonry wall anchors (instead of the included drywall anchors) which are available at most hardware stores.

For uneven surfaces we recommend installing via a plywood backer board. In that case simply cut the backer board ~ 1/2” short from each edge of the total footprint of your STACT wine wall (to help conceal the backer board from view), which will allow sufficient area on the board to fasten the wall brackets to the board (each panel including the wall brackets measures 14.3” wide by 11.34” high). When mounting to a backer board wall anchors are not required, instead simply secure the backer board securely to studs, and fasten the STACT wall brackets to the backer board with wood screws.