Wall-mounted Wine Racks

Decorate your walls with wine.

Wine racks reinvented for modern living. wall wine racks

Rated #1 Kickstarter design product on Huffington Post's StyleList.

stylish wall mounted wine racks
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"The perfect wine rack."

Huffington Post's StyleList:

Fox News:
"Turn wine into attractive works of art."

"STACT fits basically anywhere."

"Art imitating... wine."

Design Crush:
"An incredible art installation."

The Wine Wankers:
"The coolest wine rack you can buy."

Yanko Design:
"Really really cool."

Home Interior Design & Architecture:
"Taking the wine rack to the next level."

Luxury Insider:
"Ingeniously elegant way to store your vino."

Drink Me Magazine:
"It's like Legos for wine lovers."

"The solution to ugly wine racks."