Wine rack design, perfected.

designer wine rackWe set out to create the ultimate wine rack – a wine rack that go beyond function, and bring new meaning to how we enjoy our wine.  Our creation would reside at the intersection of wine and interior design.  It would need to be accessible to all, from the casual wine drinker to the connoisseur.

To turn this dream into a reality, it took a ton of help along the way, from some insanely talented people. The journey really began the moment we teamed up with Eric Pfeiffer, widely recognized as one of today’s leading designers, with promise of becoming a design icon in his own right. Eric really bought into the vision and made it his own, and the process of working with him on this project has been absolute blast.

Take a glimpse into the inspiration behind the STACT modular wine rack (the first of a series of 3 wine storage solutions), and the genesis of the STACT brand, from the designer’s point of view.


Eric Pfeiffer: “We want people to fall in love with these things. At the core of what we want to do is create products that people will keep forever.”

Hear the Eric Pfeiffer's story behind the design and development of the STACT wine rack system.

Take a peek inside of Pfeiffer Lab

Early concept development

3D CAD drawings of the original patent-pending STACT wine rack design

First set of working models (3D SLA printed wall brackets, and hand machined bottle supports)

STACT Founder, Jamie Kasza reviewing hand-machined prototypes, at Pfeiffer Lab - June, 2012