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Decorate your walls with wine.

Transform your wine collection into wall art, with an elegant modular wine rack that expands and adapts to fit your style and home décor. Mix and match the space-saving STACT wine storage panels to create your own unique design, available in a variety of premium wood veneer and piano lacquer finishes.  Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, it's easy to assemble and install on any drywall surface, and suitable for home and commercial applications.

Brought to life by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer, it's a revolution in modularity and versatility.  In a world of boring, traditional, and downright tacky wine racks, STACT sets a new standard for simplicity, usability, and style.

Vision: Make ‘good design’ accessible to wine lovers. Concept: Turn your wine into wall art. 


Modern aesthetic

STACT is crafted from high quality aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers, with a high-end appeal previously found only in modern wine cellars, avant-garde restaurants, and wine bars.

Infinitely versatile

STACT fits any space or décor, giving you an infinite number of configurations and color combinations. There’s beauty in the flexibilty of STACT; mount a single panel, create your own custom pattern and plan, or grow your system as your collection evolves over time. In the kitchen, in the dining room, or as the heart of your cellar, you can build STACT to fit your space. 


Minimalist design

Enjoying and celebrating your collection means that the focus belongs to the bottle. Traditional wine racks and storage solutions shift that focus away to the rack itself. With STACT, the rack is beautiful and subtle, giving the stage to your collection as it grows. Each bottle sits comfortably in its own space, as if suspended in mid-air. Cradled by two precision-machined extrusions, it’s secure in a place of prominence.


Unlike traditional wine racks, STACT's sturdy yet sexy aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame is built for high-capacity wine storage within commercial interior design applications. Elegant, functional, and modern, the space-saving modular wine storage panels will transform your wine lounge, bar, or fine restaurant into a modern masterpiece.

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Mix & Match

Create a wine rack to fit your unique style and decor with STACT space-saving wine storage panels, in a variety of premium wood veneer and piano lacquer finishes.

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