Los Angeles Times: 'STACT Raises the Bar on Luxury Wine Cellars.'

“There’s a new kind of trophy case in town – and the best part is, it’s full of wine.

The glass-enclosed rooms and cases can hold hundreds and sometimes thousands of bottles, chicly displayed in customized temperature- and humidity-controlled environments behind protective UV-resistant glass.

luxury wine cellars - los angeles times

“It’s not so much about being a showoff,” said Jamie Kasza, founder and president of Stact, a modular wine storage company, in Vancouver, Canada. “I think when you’re passionate about [what] you’re collecting … people don’t want to bury it in the cellar.”

Kasza said one residential project included a 4,200-bottle wine storage tower designed with two parking spaces on top to showcase the homeowner’s exotic sports cars. Kind of like the Bat Cave, but with wine.

Whether towering over a vaulted loft space or built into an entire wall, the new direction in personal wine storage represents an industry disruption in the centuries-old tradition of cellars.”


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