Elle Decor Recommends STACT L-type Wine Racks

Elle Decor has reviewed our new L-type Series 2 wine racks, here's what they had to say...

"STACT's wine-storage system debuted in 2012 with its C-type Series, a modular wall-mounted rack that displays bottles cork-out, on pegs that can accommodate practically any shape or size vessel. The company's new L-type Series 2 adapts the same panel design – offered in 12 finishes – to a network of hooks that allows oenophiles to show off prize vintages label-out (it even fits magnums). The best part? You can mix and match both styles. Each panel costs $100 to $120."

elle decor oct cover - stact

elle decor - stact

elle decor - stact

elle decor - stact

Elle Decor - October 2017

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