Freshome: "The solution to ugly wine racks."

wine rack stylish modern design - Freshome

"Wine lovers who also have a thing for functional furniture pieces will love this modular wine display designed to solve your wine stacking problems. The STACT Modular Wine Wall was announced by Canadian-based startup STACT as their first project – a solution to usually ugly wine racks that seem to always spoil the room’s design. Imagined by award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer, the versatile modern wine rack is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers. The 9 bottle patent-pending design stores your wine on 12 aluminum supports – place as many as you like next to each other to shape and reshape the wine display according to your needs. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the wine wall system was designed to be an affordable alternative to boring wine racks that seem to have a hard time integrating in modern homes. Its range of colors, alongside fantastic modularity and high quality provokes you to customize the growing wine collection you’re proud of and display it with style."  Read on >

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