STACT Featured in Asia's #1 Luxury Magazine

asian luxury wine rack


"Putting a whole new vertical spin on the "hangover", the Stact Modular Wine Wall is an ingeniously elegant way to display your vino.  Making your rack of wine bottles look like a modern art installation that will make you happier and ruddier each time you inspect its elements, take your pick from a variety of colors to suit your home's hues.  Just so you're assured your bottles of reds won't come crashing down in the middle of the night, each twelve-bottle panel of the Wine Wall boasts a sturdy set of precision-machined aluminum bottle supports. Two nifty wall brackets make mounting each section as easy as hanging up a Van Gogh. The modular system of the rack also means you can stack on more units as your collection of rare wine grows—or remove a panel or two after a particularly festive dinner party." > Full article

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