Wine Awesomeness: Top 5 Gifts for Wine Lovers

best wine gifts via wine awesomenessWine Awesomeness has chosen our STACT wine racks as one of their top 5 gifts for wine lovers, now how awesome is that?

Be sure to check out their list of best wine gifts, here's what they had to say about STACT:

"A STACT rack is the closest thing to fine art that’s also a wine rack. The engineering behind these sleek, space-saving vino holders would make any turtleneck wearing IKEA designer’s mouth water. A STACT rack isn’t just a place to put your wine, it’s a way to turn your bottle collection into a customizable piece of art. Hmm, fine art-like space saver that holds wine for you and impresses anyone who ever walks into your house? Yes please."

wine racks by STACT wine displaysLearn more about STACT wine racks >

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