STACT: One of the 'World's Most Creative Things'.

Find our STACT wine racks amongst the world's most iconic design objects in the pages of The Creativity Catalog, by Donald Rattner.

About the Book

Interest in creativity is booming. Whether it’s to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, or to find personal fulfillment, people are looking to develop their capacity for creative and innovative thinking in business and daily life. Many have turned to the growing literature of creativity to shed the shackles of conventionality and discover new ways of doing things.

Now comes The Creativity Catalog, a fresh and original take on the pursuit of innovation. Rather than start with the premise that creativity originates largely from within, The Catalog looks outward to the things we surround ourselves with in our home and work environments to uncover a trove of products deliberately designed to cultivate creativity through hands-on experience. This novel approach to fostering creative thinking is supported by recent scientific findings that the hand can teach the mind as much as the mind can guide the hand.

Among the products featured in The Catalog are furnishings, accessories, shelving, cookware, jewelry, and children’s playthings. Products are attractively presented with professional photography and explanatory text, supplemented by an introduction by author, educator and architect Donald Rattner discussing the history and future of interactive, touch-based design. Profiles of the designers and brands represented, and a list of further resources, round out this distinctive book.

220 pages, 550 color illustrations, available in print and e-book. Published October 2014. Global distribution.  $45 US

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